If you like adventurous tourism, we wait for you in a rich campaign with different landscapes, it is for true nature lovers and those who want to experience a different reality.

There is such a variety of landscapes you can find that, in case you wish, you can choose the place where to stay, we offer to you stretches and, if possible, the access to the roulotte.


 The estate has a dining room and a room where to spend time resting or drinking “mate” (infuse made with dry mate leaves), playing cards or watching movies.

There is nothing missing to the meal, it is biological food produced by ourselves.

We have a swimming pool of 25 mt length, in order to make a dive.


The nights help you to rest, also in summer because of the microclimate the temperatures decrease considerable and they force you to use a light cover.


The runs in the field are for all kind of visitors, for those who are looking for adventure and risk, for those that search for calm and serene places or ruins and different places.

At this moment we are preparing wheelchairs for amusement and walks (we opt for this means because it can be useful to all the family and for those who hardly walk).

We have a lagoon (see photos) and some boards for windsurf (without sail) so the young ones and less can pass beautiful hours and have a lot of fun.



The usage of  the service is possible only by notice and fixing the date.

Since we dedicate personalized attentions, we prefer group of less than 8 people.


The activities that we offer are: tours by coach, walks, trips by tractor, small climbs in hill, visits of prefixed places like aboriginal ruins and/or ancient abandoned cottages, tours on rivers with and without water. We are preparing a field for Creole tennis, we already have a football one.


The service includes: breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner (alcoholic drinks are not included).

The food is typical of the region, stews of several types, empanadas, roast, salad, sweeties, cakes and coffee.


For nights you have light 220 V (for means of generators). We have cold and warm water 24 hours a day, in order to make, if you want, one good shower after a nice walk.


Other thing a lot fascinating is the infinite variety of topics, very interesting subjects for pictures.


We are preparing an ancient home of old inhabitants that we estimate will be available perhaps in winter.



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